Get a competitive edge on eBay with video

When you're a seller, success doesn't just depend on what you're selling. Customers also judge you by how you sell and the techniques you employ to engage and persuade them.

In an eBay context, this means that quality listings with winning titles, great pictures and amazing descriptions are as vital as setting the right price. Indeed, better listings can often get higher prices than identical products from other sellers so it's essential to review your listings regularly to make sure they're working as hard as they possibly can for you.

The eBay marketplace is more crowded and competitive than ever before and, with the recent slew of changes, there's never been a better time to make sure you have an edge over your competitors. On eBay, even a small change to the way you display your items make the difference between a browser turning into a buyer or looking elsewhere.

Including a video in your eBay listings should be on your list of things to consider as you review your listings. Not only are videos easy to make and a quick way of connecting with buyers, they're also used by a relatively small number of sellers.

According to research we've done at vzaar, fewer than 1% of listings include a video so it is an easy way of standing out from the crowd and clinching additional sales.

Jack Fitzgerald of industryrecycles has been using videos in his listings for a few months and is convinced they are helping him attract business from his competitors: "Videos are attracting 43% more visitors and as a result are gaining us more bids and more sales. We have sold every item we have placed on eBay that contains video."

What buyers want

In a nutshell, eBay buyers want a swift, trouble-free transaction with no surprises. When they view a listing they are looking to see if you have what they want and whether you are a seller they feel safe buying from. A seller's task is to provide all that information quickly and clearly. This is where video comes in: it's an ideal complement to words and pictures and an easy way of delivering lots of information quickly.

But video can also do so much more than static images. If you want to see an engine or moving part working, a video is ideal. It's also great if your item makes a sound, because sound can be captured in a video too.

'About Me' videos

If you're selling hundreds, or even thousands, of items a week making individual item videos for each and every item you're selling could be too time-consuming. Consider making videos for your top ten lines or make a generic video that you can use across all your listings.

An 'About Me' video is a great way of showcasing your business, telling buyers why you're a great person to trade with and talk about your brilliant customer care. A video can show off your premises, introduce buyers to you and (if you have any) your staff, highlight the range, value and quality of the items you sell and just generally inspire trust by being a real, trustworthy, honest seller. Once you've made your video, you can easily include it in all your listings by making it part of your template.

It's the best of both worlds: you get many of the benefits of including a video but don't have the hassle of making one for every item. has been using videos in their listings for a few months and is pleased with the trust they inspire. "Our video lets us talk directly to people who are about to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds with us," says Darren Miller. "Making them feel confident enough to buy and trust us as good sellers is vital. So we use our video to show off our business, premises and staff. Buyers know we're a bona fide firm from our video and they buy with confidence."

Video tips

You don't have to be a whizzkid to make a great video. In fact, you probably don't have to even buy any additional equipment: your digital camera almost certainly has a 'movie mode' that means you can use it to make videos that will be more than adequate for use on eBay. For a more professional feel, you can use a digital camcorder.

Show off your item
Plan what you want to film before you get started. Think like a buyer. What would a buyer want to see that would persuade them to make a purchase.

Speak up
Videos have sound as well as vision so describing your item, greeting people who view it and providing a commentary can give your listing a personal touch.

Focus on your item
Don't distract the viewer by having a cluttered background or excessive background noise. Make sure that their attention is focussed on your item.

Good lighting
It's vital to ensure that your video is well lit so draw the curtains, switch on the lights or even go outside if it's a lovely day.

Keep it short and sweet. It pays to be brief and concise.

Add videos to eBay with Vzaar has been built with eBay sellers in mind. Approved by eBay, it is quick and easy to use, as sellers simply upload their video to vzaar where they can then insert that into any live or scheduled eBay listing. The video will be displayed in a professional looking video player. Sellers get 2GB worth of video streaming per month for free as well as there being premium packages on offer for sellers that want an unbranded video player.

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"Videos are attracting 43% more visitors and as a result are gaining us more bids and more sales. We have sold every item we have placed on eBay that contains video" Jack Fitzgerald of industryrecycles

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