How safe is it to sell stuff online?

Unfortunately, it's not just buyers who can be scammed at online auction, sellers can also loose money, as well as their stuff.

Follow these safety tips to start selling your stuff safely online.

Which auction site are you going to sell on?

There are many more auction websites other than eBay! Before you choose an auction website to sell on make sure you research it thoroughly, using friend's recommendations and review websites, for example.

Familiarize yourself with the auction website

Before you post your item for sale, make sure you understand how the auction site and selling process works.

I am receiving bids, what now?

First, check out each buyer's rating and online reputation. If they have bad reviews from other sellers you can cancel their bids on some auction websites, providing the auction hasn't finished.

I have a winning bid, now what?

Now you have to receive the money from the buyer. It is wise to use an anonymous payment service, such as PayPal. eBay allows this and this allows payments without revealing any bank details. Always use a payment method you have heard of and not one that the buyer has recommended.

I have received the money, now I have to post the item

Generally, buyers pay for any postage or shipping costs at auction, but you, the seller, can choose the method.

Always opt for a registered service that tracks the package, so you know when the buyer has received the goods. This way they can not claim that they never received anything when in fact they did.

Happy selling.

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