What are the best classifieds websites in the UK?

Here is a list of good classified listing sites for UK buyers and sellers.

Website Comments Rating
ebay.co.uk auctions eBay.co.uk's 'Buy it Now' listings are effectively classified listings and are great if you are not willing to bid and potentially lose out.
Gumtree.com classifieds Gumtree.com has grown to become a very popular classified listing sites in London and the UK.
Viva Street free classifieds Viva Street also offer free classifieds and has a very easy to use website. Well worth listing stuff for sale.
CQout.com auction website CQout.com claims to be the 'UK's 2nd largest online marketplace' and has a 'InstantBuy' feature acting like classified listings.
ebid.net auctions eBid.net also has a 'BuyNow' option for those not wanting to bid at auction.
Pre-loved classifieds Preloved classifieds are a good option for sellers as it's free to list.

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